International Games Week October 29 – November 4

Registration Is Open!

Posted on September 16, 2009

It's time!

Librarians - you can now register for NGD2009! This will put your location(s) on the national map and allow you to request free donations if you're one of the first 1,000 libraries to sign up. Hurry and register now - academic and school libraries, this includes you, as well as public libraries!

We'll be closing registration in mid-October in order to get the games shipped to you, so don't procrastinate. Sign up each of your branches separately if you want each one to receive its own game.

Have questions? Leave a comment here or email Jenny Levine (jlevine [at]

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    1. What does the symposium offer? I usually go to Origins in Columbus every summer and try to attend some of their sessions, but having ones geared directly to libraries would be great. Oh, and love the Gaming day event. Went wonderful last year, I taught 18 people how to play Dungeons and Dragons.

      • Hi, Jonathan —

        Check out the sessions from the first two Gaming, Learning, and Libraries symposia, and you’ll get a good idea of what was unique about them. You can find everything linked from

        Let us know if you have further questions about any of this.

    2. This has been a great thing for ALA to promote world wide. Here at the Goldstein Library (the “library school library”), FSU a student group has been doing Game day in the library at the beginning of the semester for the past 2.5 years. I give them free reign of the library, they bring the games and food. The first 2 were heavy rain and still drew 100 students on a Saturday!! GO GAMES @Your Library

      • It’s great to have a library school library on board, Pam! Personally, I love hearing how libraries are implementing gaming services, so thanks for sharing about your experience. GO FSU! 🙂

    3. Hi Jenny!
      Last year the Gaming, Learning, & Libraries Symposium was AWESOME!
      Will there be another Symposium this year?
      Thank You!

      • Thanks for the positive feedback, Irene! 🙂

        For what are probably fairly obvious economic reasons, we decided against holding a symposium in 2009. However, in January, we’ll explore the potential for doing one in 2010.

        For all of you reading this, would you be able to attend one next year if we can do it?

        • Is this something that can be done as a webinar or series of webinars so that those of us with no travel budget can attend?

          • Lusetta, that’s certainly something we could investigate, but it would probably depend on the sessions. Not all programs would be well-suited to the online environment, and we wouldn’t know until we’ve had a chance to evaluate the submissions from the call for presenters. Of course, that assumes we do try to put on another symposium. We know everyone’s experiencing tough times, though, and we always keep that in mind.

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