International Games Week October 29 – November 4

Keep Registering!

Posted on October 16, 2009

Libraries across the country are still registering to get on the national map of participating locations, and the form will remain open through Friday, November 13.

If you're at a U.S. public library, you should be receiving three games from Hasbro through their very pretty amazing donation. More details are available in the press release, but watch for one copy each of Monopoly Deal, Pictureka! the card game, and Scrabble Slam. We'll post more information about this as we get it.

We'll be updating the national map again soon, so get your location listed now. It's important you be on there if you're participating, because that's where we point the public and reporters.

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    1. I registered my library on Oct. 1, and we are not on the map yet. I also didn’t hear back as to whether my library was among the ones who would get free games.

    2. Don’t worry, R.L. – you’re registered. The date on the map is October 6, and as noted in the post, we’ll be updating the map soon. You’re all set! 🙂


    3. Hi,
      Members of our library have been through the process a few times already and we still do not appear on the map. ???

      Decatur Public Library
      Decatur, Illinois

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