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REVIEW: Super 7 (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)

Posted on October 7, 2011

WHAT? Super 7 is a simple puzzle game for the iPad/iPhone/iPod.  Using your finger, you draw lines between numbered hexagons and link them together to get to the number 7.  The key here is building up large hexagons to get more points.  Once the ball (or hexagon) gets rolling, the game gets faster and throws in negative numbers, special power ups, and more.  These additions take the puzzle element to the next level.


WHY? Simple and easy to pick up, Super 7 is a great way to get into gaming on the iPad.  It shows how simple gaming on the iPad just using your finger to contribute to the action should be.  It’s not overly clunky and all that it takes is for the player to simply draw a line.  Anyone could get into this game and younger children could perhaps learn something about numbers and math.


WHO? Well worth the 99 cents it costs to download the game, Super 7 is a great game that will provide a short spurt of fun to the player.  It could also be a great game for younger kids learning about numbers and math.  The action may get too intense (speed wise) for them once the numbers start flying, but a basic run through the game will help get them familiar with numbers and addition.

Download Super 7 here


Originally posted here on 10/4/2010

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