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Power up – IGD12 registration is now open!

Posted on July 13, 2012

Just like in games, we've leveled up National Gaming Day to be an even bigger event this year. We have a new name - International Games Day @ your library - and a new date (the first Saturday of each November). This year's celebration of communities coming together to play at the library will take place on Saturday, November 3rd, and will include our traditional board game donation and national video game tournaments. However, this year we have some additional activities to add to the fun.

We're excited to announce that we have three sponsors this year who are donating games to libraries - huge thank yous to PopCap, Ravensburger, and GameTable Online. We're very grateful to their generous support of libraries, and we're thrilled that our international participants will be able to sign up for some donations this year.

Registration is now open!

Official sponsor PopCap is donating 2,000 copies of their games Bookworm and Bookworm Adventures. Libraries can register to receive free codes to download each of these games to library computers.


Official sponsor Ravensburger is donating 1,000 copies of its board game Labyrinth. In addition, coupons for $5 off an order at the Ravensburger online shop will be distributed to libraries along with the game.

Official sponsor GameTable Online will be opening up all of the games on its site on November 3rd in support of International Games Day to encourage players of all ages to join in the fun.


The Ann Arbor District Library has again graciously agreed to run two national video game tournaments for Games Day. Participating libraries can battle for supremacy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Mario Kart time trials (both on the Nintendo Wii).

We're also looking at adding some new activities this year, such as a global game of "Gossip" that passes information from one library to another throughout the day. We'll be posting more details about these opportunities in the coming weeks.

To get you started with marketing, you can download the new logo and the new poster/flyer from the Library Press Kit. Watch this space for more updates or sign up for email notices when we post new info. We'll post the first version of the map of participating libraries in August, and we'll have more marketing materials for you soon.

We can't wait for this year's event - game on!

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    1. Previous information stated the date would be Nov 10, 2012. My library system has already planned programs for the 10th and our print info has already gone to press. Can we register programs that occur on the 10th? Also, can you please plan to make any future changes to the program at least 6 months in advance?

      • Sorry for the confusion, programming librarian. In last year’s survey, we specifically asked if we should switch to the first Saturday of each November as a heads up that the date might change. Of the 753 people who answered the question, 40% said yes, 54% said it didn’t matter to them, and only 6% said we should remain on the second Saturday.

        When we did the wrap up post for the 2011 event, we did note the new date, but I’m sorry it wasn’t listed elsewhere more prominently. The first Saturday of each November is now the permanent date, so that should help with future planning.

        And yes, you should totally feel free to register your existing program on November 10th as part of International Games Day!

        Again, apologies for the confusion, but hopefully it will be smooth sailing from now on.


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