International Games Week October 29 – November 4

Fill out the IGD12 survey!

Posted on November 6, 2012

We're seeing lots of libraries fill out the IGD12 survey, but we need everyone to report what happened at your location so that we can provide an accurate snapshot for the public and the media. From the stories librarians are sharing and the pictures we've seen online, it seems like everyone had a great event - tell us about yours!

We plan to release the full results next week....

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    1. We had a lot of fun at Missoula Public Library! We were set up in our large meeting room, with all the video game consoles set up in one half of the room, and our other activities set up in the other half. We had 8 signed up for our Smash Tournament, and we were playing with the Wii hooked up to our big projector so the screen was big! We also had a few kids that came to free-play Smash Bros once it was over. We had about 15 in total using the video game consoles. We also ran a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with pre-made character sheets so people could jump in and play. We had about 8 people who played D&D. Along with that, we had board games set up on tables too. We had about 40-45 people who attended overall.

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