International Games Week October 29 – November 4

New Date for IGD13 – November 16

Posted on January 23, 2013

International Games Day 2013 will be moving this year (and permanently for future years) to the third Saturday of November. The IGD Committee is dedicated to finding a date that is more accommodating for all types of libraries so we have changed the date for this annual event. We hope that everyone finds the third week of November an easier fit.

So mark your calendars now and book your meeting rooms for November 16 to celebrate International Games Day 2013.

Watch for more information during the next couple of months as we gear up for an even bigger year!

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    1. November *15* is the third Saturday of November.

      • Linda, my calendar is showing November 16, 2013, is the third Saturday this year, although libraries can celebrate on any day they want to have fun. 🙂

    2. As I was trying to plan a library event centered around gaming, I had to chuckle at finding the fact that the noted Nintendo designer/director/producer Shigeru Miyamoto’s birthday is November 16. How coincidental!

    3. The Nordic countries will be celebrating the Nordic Game Day on the 9th.

    4. To Miss Heidi’s point, maybe International Games Day could be more inclusive if it were International Games Week? The added scheduling flexibility would mean more libraries could participate. The only caveat I can think of is that the video game tournament would, by its nature, need to be on one day, but that could be one event during a week-long celebration of games in libraries. A suggestion.

    5. I’ll still have NGD, just on the 9th since I’m off on the 16th….I know you can never please everyone.

    6. November in general is a hard time for us to schedule this event. I am at an academic library and our students are gearing up for finals by this point. We tried to host this event in November a couple years back and we had very low attendance. So we now host our international game night event in late Sepetember and have had great success.

    7. This date seems really close to the American Thanksgiving Holiday. I hope that this change will not make the program attendance drop.

      • Since Nov. 1 falls on a Friday in 2013, it’s 12 days before Thanksgiving in the USA. If Nov. 1 were on a Thursday, it would fall on the weekend before Thanksgiving. The third Saturday will never fall directly on the same weekend as Thanksgiving, which is the 4th Thursday in November. The change is inconvenient for our library because we already have a regularly scheduled program that occurs on the third Saturday of the month, but I imagine that will be true for some library, somewhere, no matter what regular Saturday in November you choose.

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