International Games Week October 29 – November 4

The American Go Foundation and Libraries

Posted on July 5, 2016


This year International Games Day is focusing on ways that libraries can play with little to no materials budget. The American Go Foundation offers libraries several ways to introduce the game Go to their library. Go is an ancient two-person strategic board game invented in China millennia ago and is still wildly popular today. This foundation’s Library Programs page offers two ways to get the game Go into your library.

For a donation of $25 for shipping, libraries can introduce patrons to Hikaru No Go. This manga is a coming of age saga about Hikaru Shindo, a sixth-grader in Japan who finds a Go board with an ancient Go master trapped inside. The Hikaru manga set also includes two cardboard playing boards as well as two copies of an instructional game booklet, The Way to Go.

Libraries ready to start a Go program can fill out an application to receive a free Go set that includes 3 reversible vinyl boards, 3 small sets of plastic stones in stackable bowls, 10 copies of The Way to Go booklets, and 4 cardboard 9x9 sets with cardboard stones.

What?! You don’t know anything about Go? The American Go Foundation has you covered there as well. This amazing group offers a free book for organizers, Go As Communication by Yasuda Yasutoshi. This book will guide you in learning about Go, its benefits for all users, and your Go program.

Go visit the American Go Foundation site and see how you can bring this game into your library!


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