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Donor Spotlight: Glass Plate Game

Posted on October 17, 2016

Stir up conversation at your library with the Glass Plate Game. This year, International Games Day is happy to have sponsorship from the Glass Plate Game who have graciously donated a number of copies available for interested registrants.

Named for its origins related to the Glass Bead Game mentioned in Magister Ludi by Glass Plate GameHerman Hesse, the Glass Plate Game is a game played without hard rules and without a concrete goal. The aim of the game is to spur interesting and creative conversation.

Together players consider concepts depicted on a spread of cards and draw connections between these concepts to build chains of thought. Simple in nature, the Glass Plate Game is a wonderful exercise in cooperative thinking with no winners or losers. It's a great device for facilitating conversations around experiences and ideas. 

This cooperative game, created by Dunbar Aitkins, is for 4-8 players ages 13+ and takes about 120 minutes to play.

Thank you Glass Plate Game for donating to International Games Day!
Glass Plate Game


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