International Games Week October 29 – November 4

International Games Week

IGD12 Wrap-up: So. Much. Awesome.

Posted on November 16, 2012

This year's verdict: gaming in libraries remains a powerful service.

Despite lower numbers due to the election (many library meeting rooms were booked for early voting) and a SuperStorm that devastated communities in the northeast, the stories from the libraries that participated illustrate why we do this.

First the numbers:

As in past years, though, it's really the stories that define the day. This year the impact of gaming in libraries was brought home in a particularly strong way by those northeastern libraries that still tried to provide games for their patrons. Five libraries reported what happened at their pared-down IGD12 events. Here are two of them:

  • "While many adults shared stories about their hardships following Hurricane Sandy, the children were entertained with three hours of playing time. Families all expressed gratitude for diversion from the tough week and commented how the library always seems to come through for the community! One Mom asked if there were any games that would improve her son's math facts in addition and subtraction. I was able to show here two games at our event that focused on this skill, but I also mentioned that games that use two dice work on this skill constantly since you have to add the two dice together. She was surprised to hear that and was very glad she came to the library to play games with her children." - Pawling Free Library, Pawling, NY
  • "Our community was affected by Tropical Storm Sandy. Many were without power all week and the schools were closed all week. I was not sure anyone would come because of the circumstances, but since there was no reason to cancel, I continued on with the event and was happy to see so many people attend. The parents said they were happy to get the kids out of the house and interacting with other kids again." - East Rutherford Memorial Library, East Rutherford, NJ


So many of the libraries reported these types of stories of positive interactions between kids who previously didn't know each other, families playing together, games solidifying relationships between staff and patrons, and more. A small sample of this year's comments:

  • "An elderly man in a wheelchair volunteered and played games with tiny tots and teens all day long. He had a great time and the kids did too." - Highlands Ranch Library, Highlands Ranch, CO
  • "Our Youth Services Department had a "Play Your Way Around the World" event that included a storyteller kicking things off with tales from around the world. The children then each received a world map and proceeded to ten different stations, each of which had a game from a different country to play. Games included Afghanistan kite making, Mayan ancient basket ball, Japanese card match game, etc. The children had such fun--there was much laughter in our Youth Department!" - Patrick Heath Public Library, Boerne, TX
  • "A couple of the tweens sat down with some kids who showed interest in the Monopoly Junior game, but had no idea how to get started. One couldn't even role dice before--they played for a solid hour before it was off to something else. Another group who normally wouldn't be all together on the Wii shared a game, and still another got all geeked about and taught the Labyrinth game to a much younger kid and the family. The library had also recently installed games on some iPads that were received with a grant and this was a great way to premiere them!" - Chippewa Falls PL, Chippewa Falls, WI
  • "The children that attended were constantly moving from one competitive game to another. One teen said, 'Thank you for doing this for us, if you didn't have this program I wouldn't have anything to do today but sit and watch tv.'" - Allen Parish Libraries, Oberlin, LA
  • "One amazing guy who seemed very shy and withdrawn all day picked up the mic for Rock Band and became this explosion of vocal energy. Everyone was floored by the transformation." - Bellevue Public Library, Bellevue, NE
  • "Two of my favorite anecdotes on international games day was watching younger teens get to know older teens while they were playing Yu-gi-oh! and seeing them help each other learn and understand the game rules. And watching older teens share the Wii game controls with younger elementary school players who then began to beat them at their own game." - Woodburn Public Library, Woodburn, OR
  • "The teens enjoyed playing the donated Bookworm games from PopCap and one even said, "By playing the Bookworm game, it increased my skills of building words and made me use my brain instead of just using the computer to play shooting or racing games which don't require too much brain knowledge." - Plainview Carnegie Library, Plainview, NE
  • "Our digital arts and gaming club has planned this event for the last four years. We increase numbers each year by 20-30 guests. The students do all the planning and implementation and they look forward to this event each year. Many of our students have improved social connections that they would not otherwise have at school. The relationship building and development of leadership and planning and organizational skills are the most important reasons why we continue to hold this event each year at our high school. The students enjoy this niche of friends and skill development through this school program and it definitely improves their overall success at FCHS. " - Franklin Community High School
  • "I had several new teens attend the program and many of them did not know anyone else [there], but by the end of 4 loud and hilarious rounds of Apples to Apples, I had gained a new member of our Teen Advisory Board and a couple new additions to our book club. This is definitely an event I will be doing again and since I got my first year underway with no hassle or problems, I hope to expand next year's IGD." - Briggs Lawrence County Public Library, Grand Prairie, TX
  • "One three-year-old girl played Wii bowling and Twister for the first time, and some of our regular drop-in kids who frequent the library found some new value in the IGD offerings when they happened in (they wanted to know if we could do the games every Saturday, in fact!). One of the best results of the program was that we had a lot of community and relationship building happen both because staff got to spend one-on-one time with families and because children who previously didn't know each other got to interact together to play new games." - Crooked Lake Branch Library, Coon Rapids, MN
  • "One of the teens with whom I had not interacted before gave me a hug of excitement when I set up the Xbox Rock band equipment. I am always surprised at how nicely the teens interact during gaming days. They help us set up the equipment, teach each other how to play, and police themselves so that everyone gets a turn. There is never fighting or hogging of the game consoles. It is a positive experience for everyone." - New Orleans Public Library, New Orleans, LA
  • "The teens look forward to International Gaming Day every year. It tends to be one of our most popular programs." - The Emmett O'Neal Library, Mountain Brook, AL

Many libraries again reported that they couldn't have offered Games Day activities without the generous donations from this year's sponsors, Ravensburger (Labyrinth), PopCap (Bookworm), and GameTable Online. We thank all of our sponsors, and we know libraries will use the donations for many years to come to provide fun and learning for their patrons.

International Games Day 10
Bloomingdale (IL) Public Library

Put Saturday, November 2 16, 2013, on your calendar now for IGD13. We'll be starting work on next year's event soon, so watch here for updates.

IGD12 Video game tournament results

Posted on November 12, 2012

From our friends at the Ann Arbor District Library who ran the 2012 International Games Day video game tournaments:

First of all, BIG THANKS to everyone who was able to be a part of International Games Day!  We've heard from a lot of folks who had a FANTASTIC time kart-ing on IGD and throughout the whole weekend. We had fun over this way too!

We now have the fastest times for each track, along with handy links to each track's leaderboard:

Mario Circuit
Teagan Richman
Delafield Public Library (Delafield, WI)

Luigi Circuit
Derek W
Ann Arbor District Library (Ann Arbor, MI)

Coconut Mall
Madrid Public Library (Madrid, IA)

Mushroom Gorge
Josh Beaudry
Delafield Public Library

And of course, even if your library's players weren't the very fastest of all, we hope that everyone had TONS of fun.

In the Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament, the Ann Arbor (MI) District Library defeated the Sanger (TX) Public Library for this year's bragging rights.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Drop us a line at [ gtsystem at ] if you have questions or are curious about other multi-site tournaments we do via GTSystem throughout the year...


Fill out the IGD12 survey!

Posted on November 6, 2012

We're seeing lots of libraries fill out the IGD12 survey, but we need everyone to report what happened at your location so that we can provide an accurate snapshot for the public and the media. From the stories librarians are sharing and the pictures we've seen online, it seems like everyone had a great event - tell us about yours!

We plan to release the full results next week....

IGD12 donations have been sent!

Posted on October 31, 2012

For those libraries that requested the games generously donated by Ravensburger and PopCap, you should now have everything you need. The Labyrinth games were shipped a couple of weeks ago, and the registration codes for the PopCap computer games went out in email this morning (October 31). Check the email inbox for the person who registered your library.

Don't forget that GameTable Online and RPG Table Online will be opening their gaming doors for free gaming for the entire weekend of International Games Day (November 3 and 4). GameTable Online offers online versions of 28 different board games and RPG Table Online is a virtual tabletop application for playing role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons via the internet.

To participate in player-vs-player games requires only that users be 13+ and have an active email address to register and get in the fun. Registration is not required to play against computer opponents at

If you have questions about the GTO and RTO donation, please contact Rob Eng at reng [at]

Finally, if you signed up for the video game tournaments, you should have received further instructions from the Ann Arbor District Library this week via email. If you didn't get the email or if you still have questions about how to participate, please email them at gtsystem [at]

The official IGD12 press release is out!

Posted on October 26, 2012

Just a heads up that the official press release for this year's event is live. ALA is now promoting the release to national media outlets, so you may hear from reporters in your area following up on the story if you haven't already reached out to them.

Gaming connects communities @ your library

"On Saturday, Nov. 3, more than 20,000 people in communities across the U.S. and around the world will celebrate the American Library Association’s fifth annual International Games Day @ your library. The event aims to reconnect communities through their libraries around the educational, recreational and social value of all types of games.

Why do libraries celebrate gaming? Library gaming programs encourage interaction between patrons of all ages and cultures. As games have evolved over the years to become more dynamic – requiring more interaction and socialization amongst players – so have libraries, by re-energizing themselves as community learning centers. Libraries still provide traditional services, but continue to change by offering new formats like video games and programs like family gaming nights...."

We'd appreciate your help sharing the press release on social media and pretty much everywhere else - thanks!

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