International Games Week October 29 – November 4

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Please feel free to contact us with questions, suggestions, comments, or anything else you think we need to know about for International Games Day. And if you'd like to help out the IGD Committee, we'd love to hear from you! Whatever your reason for contacting us, we won't sell, rent, or otherwise give away your email address (except as compelled by law, obviously), and we won't spam you, either.

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    1. Is it too late to register?

      • Absolutely not too late! You can register right up to the day before… and registrations for the inter-library events (Minecraft Hunger Games and Global Gossip Game) are still open, though they will close soon. 🙂

    2. Hi, I registered my library for International Game Day but I don’t see it showing up on the map! We also have not received any games. I was just wondering if my registration went through. The address is 710 McLean Avenue in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey 08742, and we are the Point Beach Branch of the Ocean County Library system.

      Thank you!

      • Hi Katherine!

        You’re on the map now – we did an import on August 30 so you may have appeared in that one, even though judging by your registration time you should have appeared from the start! But double-check and let us know if you still can’t see yourself.

        As for the donations, they will arrive closer to time. I’ll ask our donations volunteer to reply in a bit more detail, but as I understand it donations get sent as our quota is completed or a couple of weeks ahead of the event. More information soon, hopefully!


    3. Hi I registered my library system for International Game Day but the wrong branch name and address is showing up on the map. It is showing up as the Joel Valdez Main Library on N Stone when it should be the Nanini Branch Library at 7300 N Shannon Rd. This is for Tucson, AZ. Can this please be fixed?

      • Hi Jusdina,

        Sorry for the delay in replying – I haven’t received any notifications about comments on the blog until just now!

        Thanks for letting us know. I’ve checked, and the issue is that your main branch is also registered, and your library possibly hasn’t been imported yet. So it’s not that your pin is at the wrong address – it’s that your pin is not yet on the map. When we next do an update (next week most likely) you should appear – please let us know if not.


    4. Hi,

      I registered our library, but we are actually holding the events in both our main and north campus libraries. Should I register each one separately?

      FIU Libraries, registered July 16


      • Hi George! Thanks for asking. It’s probably worth registering both separately as – with the tools and time we have, anyway – there’s no easy way to associate multiple locations with a single registration, so we generate pins in our map (which is coming Real Soon Now) per registration. Cheers!

    5. I registered our library as soon as registration was allowed. Our library has not been included on the map and it has been at least a month since I registered. I just wanted to make sure we were registered.

      • Hi Laura,

        The map is still last year’s – our volunteers are working with a new database system for our registration process, and there have been glitches exporting it to the map. I’ll post on the blog when this year’s map goes live. Thanks for asking though! I have been meaning to note that the map is still to be updated.

    6. Hi, im hafie from Malaysia. I saw this event from your website. I interested on it. Can you assist me how it be implement as library event?

      • Hi Hafie! I’ll send an email to your address, but in short: however you want. You choose the games that work for your library on that day, and then you register (for free). We can’t help you with the actual organising at your library, but we can help you be connected to other libraries all over the world on the day! And if you keep reading the blog, you’ll see stories about what other libraries have done and plan to do 🙂 – so feel free to use those for inspiration.

        Thanks for your interest!

    7. We are currently busy finalising an educational boardgame which we will launch in November and we wish to engage some of the libraries to participate in the International Games Day @ your library so that we can involve them in our program of distributing some of the boardgames free of charge.

      How can we be assisted so that we can engage them having more information about the event, and also link your programs with our website when we finish to establish it some time in February?


      Mbuyiseni Fana Mdlalose (Mr.)

      • Hi Mbuyiseni! That sounds really interesting – we’ll be in touch in the next few days via email to find out whether we can make all this work. We’re certainly happy to help get games into libraries, but we don’t have any budget; we’re reliant on the generosity of sponsors. But hopefully we can help! If anyone else is interested in this sort of arrangement, feel free to be in touch too 🙂

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