International Games Week October 29 – November 4

Games & Events

Tabletop Gaming
IGD is the day to set out your library’s tabletop games. These games can include board games, role-playing games, dice games, and card games. If you don’t have any tabletop games, IGD is a great way to start your collection.

This Year's Tabletop Games

Tabletop Gaming FAQ

Video Game Events
Video game tournaments and events are one of the many types of programs you can hold at your library as part of IGD.

Minecraft Hunger Games
Using the Ann Arbor District Library's GT software again for this year's event, participating libraries can run a Minecraft Hunger Games!  Participating libraries can organize a local tournament during which their players compete each other.

Video Gaming FAQ

The Global Gossip Game
The Global Gossip Game, which takes the familiar game of whispering secrets from one player to another and laughing at how the phrase changes, and has it travelling from library to library around the world. The first year we started in Melbourne, Australia, traveled through 7 languages on all 6 inhabited continents, and finished in Homer, Alaska 26 hours later, with the phrase changing from "Life must be lived as play" to "He bites snails"! In 2013, thanks to the participation of an Australian Antarctic base, we traveled through all seven continents, and split 5 times, morphing from "Play is training for the unexpected" into "I love the world", "Zombie", "Clouds travel around the world", "Glow, glow, peanut butter jelly", and "Ian needs help"! (Maybe Ian is a snail?) And this year, we're already planning to go even bigger!

Global Gossip Game FAQ

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