International Games Week October 29 – November 4


Registration will open in early June 2017.

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    1. Do you have a better idea of when registration for IGD16 will be open? I have been checking since June 1.

    2. Hi
      My Library registered a ‘maybe’ for the Hunger Games
      If we are confirming does the Library have to re-register or is it enough to fill out the separate IMHG registration form at the below address?

    3. When should we expect the board games to arrive?

    4. I just registered and selected Maybe for the International Minecraft Hunger Games. Will a representative from AADL still be contacting me regarding participating in this event even though I didn’t select Yes initially? I’m fairly sure we want to go ahead with it but need to verify a few things before committing 100%. I just didn’t want us to fall through the cracks. Thanks for your help.

    5. I keep checking back here, when can we expect to be able to register?

      • I clicked on Registraion for IGD15 above and then clicked on the arrow on the bottom right of the next page to get signed up.

    6. I thought Registration opened in May??? What’s up?

    7. I thought registration would already be open!

      • Thank you very much for your comment. I will try to find out what is happening. However, please continue being patient since I suspect many of the information managers for this website will be at the ALA Annual Conference. ~k1

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