International Games Day @ your library Game on November 18, 2017!


Registration is open!

Click here to register your library.

More donations may come available so please subscribe to the blog for updates.

If you know of any companies that might be interested in donating next year, please contact us via this form: .


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    1. Do you have a better idea of when registration for IGD16 will be open? I have been checking since June 1.

    2. Hi
      My Library registered a ‘maybe’ for the Hunger Games
      If we are confirming does the Library have to re-register or is it enough to fill out the separate IMHG registration form at the below address?

    3. When should we expect the board games to arrive?

    4. I just registered and selected Maybe for the International Minecraft Hunger Games. Will a representative from AADL still be contacting me regarding participating in this event even though I didn’t select Yes initially? I’m fairly sure we want to go ahead with it but need to verify a few things before committing 100%. I just didn’t want us to fall through the cracks. Thanks for your help.

    5. I keep checking back here, when can we expect to be able to register?

      • I clicked on Registraion for IGD15 above and then clicked on the arrow on the bottom right of the next page to get signed up.

    6. I thought Registration opened in May??? What’s up?

    7. I thought registration would already be open!

      • Thank you very much for your comment. I will try to find out what is happening. However, please continue being patient since I suspect many of the information managers for this website will be at the ALA Annual Conference. ~k1

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