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NGD Also Stands for Nordic Gaming Day

Posted on November 4, 2010

Imagine my surprise when Thomas Vigild from the Nordic Game Program contacted me to alert us to the fact that they're holding their own NGD event, but in their case it stands for "Nordic Gaming Day." By pure coincidence, they're also holding their event on the same day as our National Gaming Day. We couldn't have planned this better if we'd tried.

Here's some information Thomas sent me.

"On November 13th, 2010, the first Nordic Game Day is bringing games and gameculture to all Nordic libraries and thus creating a big, open, and free game festival across the whole Nordic region.

120 libraries in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and even Greenland have enlisted for the day, which will consist of lectures, competitions, gamemovie-showings, and games - and both digital games and 'undigital' board games will be on show. The purpose is to expose the growing game culture and local game developers in the Nordic region and include new audiences of all ages, who have never felt the fantastic and social aspects of gaming.

In all the Nordic countries, digital games are hugely popular materials in libraries, and in Denmark it is now possible to freely lend new computer games on the brand new and world's first digital platform called 'Downlån' (Downloan). Compared to other countries, games are normal in all Nordic libraries, and this is one of the key messages of Nordic Game Day.

Nordic Game Day is a collaboration between the Norwegian National Library and the Nordic Game Program.

Contact Thomas Vigild at for further information."

We're going to talk about potential partnerships, but how great is it to have another 105 libraries playing games on the same day we are? Game on, Nordic libraries!

Why National Gaming Day?

Posted on November 13, 2009

Here are a couple of great reminders about why we do this. The social and learning  interactions that take place around gaming in libraries offer a wealth of experiences participants just don't get anywhere else in the community.

  • Dedicated gamers find a groove at Malpass - "Senior Library Specialist Julie Hannen, the director of Game Nite, not only believes in the function's ability to create bonds but also in its cultural and intergenerational ties.... Hannen also mentioned that one night she was playing cards with international students, and they taught each other games from their cultures with a deck of cards."
  • Tell Us Your Story Contest: First Place

Have a great National Gaming Day, everyone!

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