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International Minecraft Hunger Games – THE VICTOR!

Posted on November 17, 2014

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There were legends. Legends of a time when The Brothers of Super Smash Brawled across the Nation, delighting libraries of all types. With GT SYSTEM the glue that knitted cultures together, Libraries sent their bravest warriors into battle, with only one Library standing at the end of each November.

But one day, that all came to an end. Nintendo shut down the Brawl Servers, and the International Gaming Day Faithful looked to Michigan, wondering what could possibly come next, to fill the void left by this epic event that, since 2008, had held happy fighters at libraries across the nation.

Out of the ashes of a vanished server infrastructure arose a new opportunity; taking players not only from across the country but around the world into the worlds of Minecraft, trapping them in arenas, and forcing them to fight. To the death. Just like in the book!


Library districts arose across the Globe. Eventually 94 Districts organized themselves, 70 from what some would call Panem, 11 from the mysterious Old World of Europe, and 14 from the dangerous coasts of Australia. Each District chose a number and a specialty, and promised two Tributes, one Boy, and one Girl, to fight for their honor on International Games Day.

With a Minecraft Hunger Games server made available to each District, Reapings began in the week leading up to the day itself, as Libraries sent their young Minecrafters into battle to determine which among them possessed the skill, the knowledge, and the spirit to become a Victor.


With all in readiness, the Regional Semifinals swept across the globe with the night, beginning with the Australian Regionals. The Arena welcomed Tributes from Districts like District 79, Ivanhoe Library: The Art Deco Clock District, and District 150 in Monash, the Surprisingly Good Takeaway District. Eventually the two young Tributes from District 246, the Grafton Library in Grafton, NSW, survived to become the Australian Victors, ready to represent their Nation in the International Minecraft Hunger Games. GTSYSTEM Salutes the Tributes from all the Australian Districts, who fought with bravery and honor in the Arena, only to perish at the hands of the Tributes from Grafton.


Then the wave of battle reached Europe, and Tributes from Germany and Scandanavia met at the Server of the University library "Svetozar Markovic" in Belgrade, Serbia, the Science District. When the cannon had roared for the last time, the Tributes from District 447 at Stadtbücherei Münster in Germany, the Surviving You district, had indeed survived and claimed the right to represent all of the old world against the roiling masses of Minecraft Enthusiasts to be found across the Atlantic.


At last it was time for the 70 North American Districts to fight for supremacy. The Arena swelled with Tributes, leading to a quick split into two Arenas; one for the densely-districted East Coast, and another for the rest of what had once been North America. After much Minecraft Mayhem, the Tributes from District 708 in Providence, Rhode Island, the Advanced Wizardry District, had become Victors of the East, while the Tributes from District 303 at Denver Public Library, the Hatching Schemes District, had won out the west. Many Tributes lay where they had fallen, often for full seconds, before jumping up and joining other Arenas to play for "fun".


There was no hope for the Tributes. 8 skilled young players had fought their way to Victory and a place in the International Minecraft Hunger Games finals, but only one would survive. The Tributes found themselves in a small arena with few places to hide and even fewer chests to find weapons or sustenance. Before long, only two Tributes still lived; Rexalicious from StaBüMü in Germany, and CadyBrun from Providence. They charged at each other, bringing the week of competition to an intense climax. When the pixelly dust had settled Rex had fallen... and CadyBrun had survived.


CadyBrun, the Tribute from District 708 in Providence Rhode Island, playing at the Providence Community Library, had won the 2014 International Minecraft Hunger Games for International Gaming Day. With thousands of matches played throughout the week, and more than 50 Minecraft servers operating at once, the event had been a resounding success, leaving only one question:


What will the Gamemakers at GTSYSTEM, a service of Ann Arbor District Library, come up with next year?



National Video Game Tournament Results

Posted on November 17, 2010

This year's national tournaments were the most successful events we've run yet!


  • 63 Libraries submitted Friend Codes
  • 47 Libraries successfully submitted brawl match scores
  • 40 Libraries successfully completed the qualifying rounds
  • You can view the qualifying leaderboard at:

The top eight included all types of libraries:

  • Huge Public Libraries (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Medium Public Libraries (AADL, Topeka)
  • Tiny Public Libraries (Helena Township MI, Jeffersonville IN, Cobleskill NY)
  • 1 academic library (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Undergrad Library IL)
  • 1 school library (Sandwich High School Media Center, Sandwich IL).

This is one of the great things about gaming in libraries - any type can participate.

Here's a snapshot of the final bracket, but in the end, the Ann Arbor (MI) District Library defeated a strong team from the Topeka Shawnee (KS) County Library to take home the crown for the next year. We're sure TSCL will be up to the challenge of a rematch next year!


  • 40 Libraries created events
  • The winning band was the Average Joes, who recorded a score of 1,631,416 at Chicago Public Library YouMedia playing "Jesus of Suburbia" by Green Day.

Around 100 bands had scores reported - here's the Top 10

  1. Average Joes  from Chicago Public Library YOUmedia: "Jesus of Suburbia" by Green Day
  2. Arcane Opposites from Sherrard Public Library District, IL
  3. The Stand Ins from Chicago Public Library YOUmedia: "Free Bird"
  4. The Stand Ins from Chicago Public Library YOUmedia: " The Killing Moon" by Echo & The Bunnymen
  5. Salvage from Chicago Public Library YOUmedia: "Almost Easy"
  6. Arcane Opposites from Sherrard Public Library District, IL
  7. The Jellybeans from Hunterdon County Library, NJ: "Painkiller"
  8. The Purple People Eaters from Portland District Library, Portland, MI: "Kids in America"
  9. The Sedatives from Hunterdon County Library, NJ: "Painkiller"
  10. The Flaming Librarians from Citrus County Library System, FL: "Move Along"

We also had a score submitted from The Nordic Gaming Program from the Lyngby Library in Denmark - thanks for participating, LL! You can view the final leaderboard at

Congratulations to this year's winners, and a big thank you to all of the participating libraries and their teams!

We're still counting the number of participants at NGD10 events across the country (actually, across the world), so libraries, be sure to fill out the survey this week!

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