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International Games Week

Fill Out the NGD10 Feedback Survey!

Posted on November 15, 2010

Numbers are rolling in from libraries that participated in National Gaming Day 2010, and it's looking like it was a big day, indeed!

We'll begin reporting information in a couple of days when we have a more rounded picture of what happened, but if your library hasn't already done so, please fill out the survey at and tell us the story of what happened at your NGD10 event.


Submit Your NGD2009 Info!

Posted on November 15, 2009

We hope everyone had a great National Gaming Day - let's start finding out how great. If your library participated, please go to and fill out the survey to tell us what you did, how many people played, and whether your players enjoyed the day.

Every field you fill out in the survey helps quantify what happened, both  compared to last year and to set benchmarks for next year. The information also helps us talk to donors, partners, and reporters, so please give us as much data as you can. We especially love your wonderful anecdotes that show the impact of National Gaming Day.

The survey will be open through Wednesday (Nov. 18), and we hope to report the first official figures on Thursday (Nov. 19).


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